About Us

Sweet Island Yogurt is the brainchild of Bill Brandreth and Larry Winkelmann.

Proud Michigan Business owners that support Buy Michigan & Shop Michigan.

A dream became a reality…..

The concept was developed during a motorcycle trip to Tennessee.  They wanted to bring the newly popular self-serve yogurt store to their favorite city of Rochester, Michigan. The business partners did a lot of research before launching Sweet Island Yogurt.   Traveling to far away places like Charleston, SC and sampling hundreds of tasty frozen yogurt concoctions along the way, the idea of a “tropical oasis” came to life.

“The name says it all,” Brandreth said. “We want this to be a fun place to go, with music, tropical decor, flat screen TV.”

Sweet Island Yogurt was recently featured in the Rochester Patch.

Larry Winkelmann and his wife Kathy.  Bill Brandreth and his wife Debra.